The University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine, Knoxville

The Department of Family Medicine

Post-Residency Placement

Placement is at time of graduation.

Class of 2016

Christina G. Curzon, MD Outpatient Lexington, KY
Kat C. Hall, MD  Outpatient Knoxville, TN
Cara Hartquist, DO Outpatient Corpus Christi, TX
*Ceba L. Humphrey, MD Hospitalist Knoxville, TN
Justin M. Jenkins, DO FM Faculty Knoxville, TN
Allison M. Schafer, DO   Sports Medicine Fellowship Hartford, CT
Ashley E. Terry, DO       OutPatient Nashville, TN
Taylor A. Wright, MD      FM Faculty Knoxville, TN

Class of 2015

Emily A. Greer, DO Outpatient Boulder, CO
Katherine R. Hall, MD Outpatient Athens, TN
Kabir Harricharan Singh, MD Outpatient Newport, TN
John D. Pitt, MD Emergency Medicine Fellowship Jackson, TN
Rick E. Rabon, MD ER Del Norte, CO
*Lori Staudenmaier, DO  Outpatient Lafollette, TN

Class of 2014

Aimee Battaglia, DO Outpatient La Junta, CO
Celeste Harnden, MD Hospitalist Morristown, TN
Andrew S. Herda, MD ER Knoxville, TN
Mallory E. Irwin, MD Outpatient Knoxville, TN
Adam C. Lett, MD Outpatient Knoxville, TN
Brian E. Pratt, MD Outpatient Jefferson City, TN
Benjamin M. Roe, DO ER Knoxville, TN
Candice Stewart, MD Outpatient Sevierville, TN

Class of 2013

*Emily Edwards, DO Outpatient Knoxville, TN
Alan Haney, MD Outpatient Knoxville, TN
Ben Huff, MD Outpatient Knoxville, TN
Jonathan Laymance, MD Outpatient Harriman, TN
*Sahar Lotfi, MD Hospitalist Knoxville, TN
Michael Martine, DO FM Faculty Jackson, TN
*Jennifer McHardy, MD ER Fellowship Knoxville, TN

Class of 2012

Monte Hall, MD Hospitalist Knoxville, TN
Julie Kafka, MD Sports Medicine Fellowship Knoxville, TN
*Cristis Lockridge, MD Outpatient Knoxville, TN
Brad McAbee, MD ER North Carolina
Steve Mugleston, MD ER Morristown, TN
*Ryan Unger, MD Outpatient Knoxville, TN

Class of 2011

*Obaydah AbdurRaqeeb, DO FM Faculty Knoxville, TN
Aryrika Bell, MD Outpatient Nashville, TN
Luke Chesney, MD Outpatient Knoxville, TN
Makenzie Hay, MD ER Knoxville, TN
Tessa Wigger, MD ER Flordia
*Chase Wilson, MD Outpatient Knoxville, TN
Deaunte Thompson, MD ER Memphis, TN

Class of 2010

Jacob Barbee, MD ER Jefferson City, TN
James Tompkins, MD Outpatient Byrdstown, TN
*Leo Lamsen, MD ER/Fellowship Director Knoxville, TN
Adam Miller, DO ER West Virginia
*Geetha Reddy, MD ER Knoxville, TN
Regina Fields, MD Outpatient Jefferson City, TN
Deaunte Thompson, MD ER Memphis, TN

*Employed by University Hospital Systems (UHS)/The University of Tennessee Medical Center


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