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Our History and Legacy

The legacy of the UTGSM is one of spirit of exploration, passion for teaching and compassion that restores. For more than four decades, the men and women at the Graduate School of Medicine have sought answers to medical mysteries. We have educated thousands of young physicians and dentists who are now caring for their own patients. Our medical professionals reach out to provide assistance locally and all over the globe, and they manage busy practices right here.

Since 1956, the UTGSM has been steadily building its far-reaching legacy. We use our mission of education, research, patient care and public service as a foundation to continually strengthen our legacy of improvement, influence and impact:


Since 1963, we have educated physicians. Today, through our 11 residency programs, 12 fellowship programs and medical student education, our faculty physicians educate more than 250 young doctors every year. These young learners become practicing physicians and dentists, caring for patients of their own. In fact, almost half of them stay right here in the region, adding to the healthcare resources for our neighbors.

Research and Discovery

Because our practicing physicians, residents and students are involved in research, we are able to provide more advanced and new medical treatments, attract brighter physicians, advance mankind's health and tackle the most difficult of medical problems. Our diverse research reflects the healthcare needs of our community, country and world. Over the past 50 years, we have learned from our work and progressed our research from the isolated laboratory to the patient's bedside.

Healing through Patient Care

Compassionate and experienced patient care leads to healthier communities, and that's part of the legacy of the UTGSM. The physicians in our four patient care centers manage more than 35,000 patient visits each year. We care for patients in the specialties of Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Obstetrics/Gynecology.

Public Service

To us, public service is something essential to a strong legacy of supporting the community. Physicians, residents and fellows use their expertise to help families from inner city Knoxville to the coastline of Indonesia.

Economic Impact

The UTGSM's legacy of impacting healthcare is four decades strong. The institution also impacts the economy of our region and state as it:

This economic impact breathes life into our communities through job creation, tax revenues, and direct spending.

Your Legacy

By giving your time, talents or treasures, you can build your own legacy of support for an institution that ensures quality healthcare, education and community outreach are always available. The UTGSM has embarked on several campaigns and offers other ways for you to support a cause you can believe in. To discuss your support of the legacy of the UTGSM, please contact us.


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