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The Department of Family Medicine

The Department of Family Medicine

This is an exciting time for the Department of Family Medicine. The department has a new, state-of-the-art academic complex consisting of an auditorium equipped with up-to-date audiovisual tools, personal resident/fellow workspace for scholarly activity, and a resident lounge. The new clinical space, home to our University Family Physicians practice, contains four patient care suites, procedural rooms, a consolidated occupational medicine clinic, and expanded laboratory facilities.

The patient-centered medical home model is practiced and taught through our patient care suites. The new procedure rooms and laboratory space has increased the number of services for residency education and clinical care. Education in practice management, quality improvement, procedures, and chronic disease management is integrated into the patient care suites.

Our department serves as a clinical home to approximately 60 healthcare professionals comprised of academic medicine faculty, resident physicians, fellows, and community faculty. Our clinicians possess a passion for teaching family medicine and run by a staff dedicated to providing compassionate patient care. Residents serve as vital parts of our clinical teams. Areas of excellence within our academic program include the care of the elderly, behavioral medicine, ambulatory medicine, and hospital medicine.


Original research and scholarly work are important components of the Family Medicine Residency Program at the University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine. Faculty, fellows, and residents are currently involved in a wide variety of scholarly activities.

This department is one of four members (College of Health at the University of Tennessee, Knox County Health Department, Regional Health Department) of the Public Health Forum, which meets quarterly to discuss emerging research topics.

Statistical consultation and research-related services are available at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Over the years, this department has focused its research efforts on a wide range of areas, including:


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