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Research at UTGSM

Strategic Plan for Research 2021-2026

As a part of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center-College of Medicine, the UT Graduate School of Medicine (GSM), in collaboration with the University Health System (UHS), strives to provide an environment that promotes meaningful clinical and translational biomedical research in therapeutics, diagnostics, effective healthcare delivery, and quality improvement thereby enhancing our regional and national reputation.

In early 2020, the GSM initiated an in-depth and iterative assessment of our research program. This comprehensive process included GSM and UTMC campus leadership, a Steering Committee, staff and faculty through Town Hall meetings, the engagement of two external Deans of Research through virtual site visits, and the UTHSC Chancellor’s Office. The resulting GSM Strategic Plan for Research reviews the status of research and presents a broad vision outlining crucial areas in which the GSM can have a wide-ranging influence that enhances the academic performance of our faculty across all departments. It was developed to create an infrastructure and environment for growth and success of the research enterprise.

The Executive Summary (link below) of the Strategic Plan for Research for academic years 2021-2026 and provides an overview of the actions required for the successful advancement and expansion of research priorities in five key domains: Infrastructure, Productivity, Collaboration, Presence and Impact, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. For a full copy of the GSM Strategic Plan for Research, please send a request via email to

Strategic Plan for Research 2021-2026 Executive Summary (.pdf)

Meet Our Featured Researchers

Michael Karlstad, PhD, Director
Trauma & Critical Care Surgery

Deidra Mountain, PhD, Director
Vascular Research

Dustin Osborne, PhD, Director
Molecular Imaging & Translational Research

Stacy Stephenson, MD, Director
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Jonthan Wall, PhD, Director
Amyloidosis & Cancer Theranostics

Eric Heidel, PhD

Steve Kennel, PhD
Amyloidosis & Cancer Theranostics

Emily Martin, PhD
Amyloidosis & Cancer Theranostics

Tom Masi, PhD
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery



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