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Heart, Lung, Vascular Update Discusses Treatment Outcomes

The Heart, Lung, Vascular Update for Primary Care Providers: Utilizing Targeted Interventions to Reduce Risk Factors will be held September 5-6 at the University of Tennessee Conference Center. Read more

OBGYN Resident Receives Teaching Award

Suzanne Brown, MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology Resident, was selected to receive an Arnold P. Gold Foundation Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Award by third-year medical students at the UT Health Science Center in Memphis. Read more

Study with ORNL Compares Structures of Huntingtin's Disease Protein

Neutron scattering research at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory has revealed clear structural differences in the normal and pathological forms of a protein involved in Huntington's disease. Read more

Dr. Wesley White Performs Live Surgery for AUA Attendees

Wesley White, MD, Assistant Professor of Urology, performed the first of six live remote surgeries that were broadcast from around the nation into the Orange County Convention Center during the American Urological Association's Annual Meeting in May. Read more

Dentistry Meets Special Needs through Unique Fellowship

O. Lee Wilson, DMD, Chair, Dentistry, has initiated a Dental Operating Room Fellowship, the first of its kind, to fill a growing demand for treating special needs patients. Read more

Sudden Cardiac Death Topic of Winning Research

The UT Graduate School of Medicine and Academy of Scholars Committee held Resident and Fellow Research Day on Wednesday, May 28, where 21 residents and fellows from 8 programs presented their original research or case study in a five-minute oral presentation. Read more

OMFS Resident Initiates Cleft and Craniofacial Fellowship

Brian Richman, DDS, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Residency Alumnus, graduated in June and has returned to the UT Graduate School of Medicine as the first fellow in Cleft and Craniofacial Surgery, a program initiated by his desire to help children affected by cleft lip and palate. Read more

The Scope Features New Fellowship Programs at UTGSM

The The June issue of The Scope Newsletter is online now, featuring a live surgery performed by Wesley White, MD, for attendees of the American Urology Association, two new fellowship programs in Dentistry and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and many other successes in healing, education and discovery. Read more

Anesthesiology Faculty Contribute to Best-Selling Medical Reference

Several members of the Anesthesiology Department at the University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine contributed to the recently published Faust's Anesthesiology Review. Read more

Spring Frontiers Features Residency Alumni

Frontiers magazine is a publication of the University of Tennessee Medical Center and the UT Graduate School of Medicine available in print and online. Read more

Research Finds Chronic Opiate Use Affects Newborn Head Circumference

Obstetrics research recently published in the American Journal of Perinatology discusses the effects of chronic opiate use during pregnancy on newborn head circumference. Read more

Conference Addresses Best Practices for Utilizing Physician Assistants

A first conference of its kind, on August 9, South College in partnership with the UT Graduate School of Medicine will present "Best Practices and Principles for Utilizing Physician Assistants (PA) within Healthcare Facilities" at Holiday Inn World's Fair Park in Knoxville, Tennessee. Read more

Faculty and Staff Honored for Long-Term Service to UT

UT Graduate School of Medicine employees were honored recently for years of service to the University of Tennessee. Faculty and staff with five or more years of service were honored in five-year increments up to 40 years, including UTGSM Dean James Neutens, PhD, who was recognize for 30 years of service. Read more

New Residents and Fellows Match to UTGSM Programs

The National Residency Matching Program Match Day 2014 results are in, and the UT Graduate School of Medicine is looking forward to welcoming the following 81 residents and fellows into its programs July 1. Read more

Professor Jonathan Wall Collaborates on New Patent to Treat Amyloidosis

A new patent was issued by the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office to Jonathan Wall, PhD, and his collaborators for methods to treat patients with light chain amyloidosis using antibodies. A Phase I clinical trial is in progress at seven sites within the U.S., including Stanford University Cancer Center in Palo Alto, California ,and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, to study dosing and organ response to the antibodies. Read more

UTGSM Adds Bariatrics and Robotics Fellowship

The UT Graduate School of Medicine has initiated a new Bariatrics and Robotics Fellowship, considered the first of its kind, and will begin training its first fellow July 1. Read more

Alumni Visit UTGSM for Inaugural Reunion

The UT Graduate School of Medicine hosted more than 20 resident and fellow alumni at its Inaugural Alumni Reunion April 25-26, including graduates from Anesthesiology, Family Medicine, Medicine, OBGYN, OMFS, Radiology, Surgery, and Urology. Read more

The Scope Highlights Residents and Alumni

The May issue of The Scope Newsletter is online now, featuring the Inaugural UTGSM Alumni Reunion, a new Bariatrics and Robotics Fellowship program, a new patent for light chain amyloidosis, upcoming residents and fellows, and many other successes in healing, education and discovery. Read more

Radiation Oncology Patients Celebrate with 'Ringing of the Bell'

The Radiation Oncology Department at The University of Tennessee Medical Center has implemented a new tradition known as "The Ringing of the Bell" for cancer patients who have just completed radiation treatment. Read more

UT Students Design Respiratory System for Simulated Image Testing

Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering (MABE) students from the University of Tennessee are working with Dustin Osborne, PhD, Assistant Professor of Radiology, in conjunction with the Molecular Imaging and Translational Research Program to design a new respiratory phantom that enables accurate imaging of lung nodules during simulated respiratory motion for use in testing advanced gating technologies for PET/CT imaging as well as radiation oncology applications. Read more

Investigating a Non-Surgical Option for Severe Emphysema

Pulmonology faculty in the Department of Medicine Paul Branca, MD, James Shamiyeh, MD, and Michael McCormack, MD, are leading a clinical trial to provide a new treatment option for patients affected by emphysema, a major health concern in Tennessee that is often preventable and has no cure. Read more


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