The University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine, Knoxville

The Department of Surgery

Administrative Contacts

Hope Wright
P: 865-305-5752
F: 865-305-6958

Gillian Hunt
Chairman’s Assistant
P: 865-305-9244
F: 865-305-6958

Ginger Hildebrand
Lead General Surgery Residency Coordinator
P: 865-305-9230
F: 865-305-6958

Rachel Roberts
General Surgery Residency Coordinator 
P: 865-305-9230
F: 865-305-6958

Patty Hamilton
Fellowship Coordinator
P: 865-305-9006
F: 865-305-6958

Jody Huffaker
Medical Student Coordinator
P: 865-305.4353
F: 865-305-6958



Division Administrative Staff

Division of Surgical Oncology
Sheri Baldwin
P: 865-305-9473
F: 865-305-8262

Division of Vascular Surgery
Katy Basler
P: 865-305-4723
F: 865-305-6361

Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Kristi Edsell
P: 865-305-5219
F: 865-305-8238

Division of Plastic Surgery and Colorectal Surgery
Chancey Hitz
P: 865-305-2341
F: 865-305-4671

Division of General Surgery
Rhonda Murphy
P: 865-305-9624
F: 865-525-3460

Division of Trauma/Critical Care Surgery
Loney Spires
P: 865-305-6058
F: 865-305-9231



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