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Medical Explorations began in 1991 when then-West High School student Brooks Davis asked vascular and transplantsurgeon Dr. Mitchell Goldman to be her mentor after hearing him speak at West. With that idea in mind, Dr. Goldman created a program where students could shadow physicians, and in return, physicians gave students interested in the medical field the mentorship and experience needed to guide them.  Since its inception, Medical Explorations has seen many students go on to medical school and become the health professional they once observed. Today, Dr. Goldman's first Medical Explorer, Brooks Davis, is Dr. Brooks Hagee, a San Antonio-area pediatrician. After 23 years of leading students into their passion of medicine, Dr. Goldman retired from Medical Explorations in 2014. Oncology surgeon, Dr. James McLoughlin, has since taken over as director of the program.

The program is four weeks in June for college students ages 18 years or older.  Students are offered the unique experience of shadowing physicians in a healthcare setting. Whether your interests are in nursing, surgery, pharmacy, nutrition, or any of the many departments we work with, Medical Explorations provides the knowledge and information needed in order to help students make the important decision of entering the medical profession.

Meet Our Program Leadership


Program Director, Medical Explorations
Associate Professor, Department of Surgery
Division of Surgical Oncology


Assistant Program Director, Medical Explorations
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
Chief, Division of Clinical Ethics


Rachel Roberts
Program Coordinator



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