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The Medical Explorations Program

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can apply to the program?
Medical Explorations welcomes applicants who are at least 18 years of age and currently enrolled in college.

Is there a cost to apply?
There is no cost to apply.

What are the minimum requirements to apply?
Students must be at least 18 years of age, enrolled in college, and have a 3.5 GPA. Students must complete and submit all application documents by the stated deadline. Please visit our Application page for more information.

How many students do you accept?
Depending on physician availability, we can accept anywhere from 20-30 students.


How long is the program?
The program lasts from the first Monday of June to the last Friday in June, about 4 weeks. Each week is spent with one physician. Students are also expected to attend two weekly meetings: one to de-brief students on their previous week in shadowing and provide lectures from medical professionals. The second meeting is strictly dedicated to medical ethics.

Are students permitted to miss any time?
Because of the duration and commitment this program entails, we ask students complete all four weeks with no absence, barring medical and family emergencies.

What kind of exposure can I expect when shadowing a physician?
Although students are strictly observing there are a variety of uncomfortable environments in which a student may be exposed to nudity, foul language, contagious diseases, and death. We encourage students to keep these environments in mind when applying.

Are there accommodations for students who participate such as scrubs, housing, meals, and lockers?
Housing, meals and lockers are not provided to students, with exception to the end-of-program lunch. There will be time for meals but the student must provide their own or purchase one from the hospital cafeteria. Scrubs are provided to students shadowing the Operating Room and must be returned at the end of the day. Lab coats are provided to every student and are to be returned at the end of the program.

Dress Code

What should I wear while shadowing physicians?
Students are required to dress appropriately for the sake of hygiene, safety, and professionalism. Female participants are required to wear closed-toe shoes such as flats or tennis shoes, business casual shirts, dresses that are past the knee or business casual pants. Male participants are required to wear business casual shirts, business casual pants, and closed-toe shoes. Jeans, sandals, spaghetti strap tops and skirts above the knee are prohibited. You will be asked to change should your attire conflict with your shadowing experience.


Students are expected to be professional and mindful of confidentiality practices within the medical community. All students shadowing in the OR, clinics, and patient care areas are prohibited from using cell phones to take photos.

If you have further questions that were not addressed on this page, please contact or call 865-305-9294



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