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Third Year Clerkships - Neurology

In the four-week Neurology Clerkship in Knoxville, students will have inpatient as well as outpatient and ER experience. The four week block will be divided into two weeks each of inpatient/consultation service at UT Medical Center, and outpatient clinics at Knoxville Neurology Clinic and Cole Neuroscience Center.

Inpatient Rotation

Students will accompany their inpatient/on-call attending for daily morning rounds and for new patients as assigned by the attending. Students will be responsible to follow at least two patients during the inpatient rotation (such that upon discharge of their patient(s), they will pick up new patients to follow). Each student will present the progress and work up of these patients in the rounds with attending. Students will give written notes for two H&P and 2 SOAP notes to the attending for review and feedback.

Outpatient Rotation

Students will attend four half-days of neurology clinics per week during their 2-week outpatient rotation. Students will work with different attendings and will get the opportunity to see patients in the general neurology clinics as well as subspecialty clinics including: epilepsy, movement disorders, dementia, multiple sclerosis and MDA-ALS clinics. The students will present at least two new patients to their attending in the outpatient clinic. Teaching sessions will be held in the afternoons to correspond with the neurology clerkship teaching rounds at UT HSC (8 half day sessions during the 4 week rotation). Students will participate in these sessions via videoconference.

Additional teaching sessions in Knoxville includes:

Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives will correspond to those for the Neurology Clerkship at UTHSC Memphis. Details can be found in Course Documents on Blackboard).


Students will cover daytime stroke call on the stroke team.

Evaluation & Exam

Method of evaluation:

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