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Forensic Odontology The University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine Department of General Dentistry Division of Forensic Odontology and Human Identification


Forensic Odontology National Conference: All That Remains

July 30 - August 4, 2017
University of Tennessee Medical Center
Knoxville, Tennessee

Course Overview

The week-long forensic odontology course covers methods required for individual and mass disaster casualty identification in medico-legal death investigations. Dr. William Bass will be speaking and a tour of the University of Tennessee Anthropological Research Facility is included.   Participants will have hands-on experiences taught by leaders in the forensic dentistry field.  Workshop opportunities include the dental identification process while performing antemortem and postmortem charting and radiographic capture and comparison techniques.


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William M. Bass, PhD, D-ABFA
Paula C. Brumit, DDS, D-ABFO
Thomas J. David, DDS, D-ABFO
James M. Lewis, DMD, D-ABFO
Murray K. Marks, PhD, D-ABFA
Darinka Mileusnic-Polchan, MD, PhD, D-ABFP
David R. Senn, DDS, D-ABFO
Richard R. Souviron, DDS, D-ABFO
Richard A. Weems, DMD, D-ABFO

Target Audience

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this program that the participant should be able to

The laboratory-intense format limits our course size to 45 Dentists

Registration Fees

Early Registration (through July 10, 2017)

Registration (after July 10, 2017)

Education Credit

These 42.5 hours are accepted by the Tennessee Board of Dentistry for re-licensure credit.  Participants licensed outside of Tennessee should check with their licensing board. The teaching format for this activity is lecture/didactic and hands-on. AGD's Continuing Education Subject Codes for the activity is 145 for 42.5 hours.


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