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Targeted Pain Treatment (TPT) Toolkit

Third Annual Targeted Pain Treatment Virtual Conference

Save the date! The Fourth Annual TPT Conference is scheduled for February 18, 2022 at the Hilton Knoxville Airport.

What is Targeted Pain Treatment (TPT)?

Targeted pain treatment is the process of accurately diagnosing the underlying cause of pain, and the targeting the treatment to the cause of pain. The goal is to effectively treat pain and improve function, while also reducing unnecessary opioid medication use.

Why does TPT matter?

Targeted Pain Treatment differs from other approaches to pain management by seeking to treat the true cause of pain, rather than focusing on lowering a patient's pain score.

TPT Toolkit

Purpose of the TPT Toolkit is to provide tools and information needed to help clinicians implement targeted pain treatment in their practices. These include decision aids, references, and other useful resources as developed and collated. The TPT Toolkit contains downloadable tools, templates and decision aids to help you practice Targeted Pain Treatment, access to 2019 Conference speaker talks, and infographics.

To access the TPT Toolkit, please click here: TPT Toolkit Download (Your email address is required)

Important Links

Tennessee Chronic Pain Guidelines (3rd Edition)

Vanterpool SG. Targeted pain treatment - Reduce opioids, reclaim relief. Journal of the Tennessee Medical Association. 2018 Mar;110(4):9-10.

SVMIC Podcast "Pain Points"

Pain Management Best Practices Inter-agency Task Force Report
HHS Report

University Center for Pain Management

Resources for Patients

TPT Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: Targeted Pain Treatment® is a federally registered trademark owned by Dr. Stephanie Vanterpool.  Dr. Vanterpool developed and is responsible for the content contained in the TPT Toolkit.


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