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Application, Forms, and Fees


Please complete all sections of the Continuing Education Application. 


Certification of continuing education activities incurs the following four types of industry-standard fees:

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Clients who manage their own logistics:

Full- service management as contracted with the CEPD office:

Application Approval and Next Steps for Certified Activities

Once your application has been reviewed and approved, the CME Coordinator will send the course director and planning committee an email with next steps, instructions, and expectations.

Course Director, Coordinators and Speaker Forms

Completed disclosure forms are required for any person able to control the content of an activity certified for continuing medical education credit. This includes course directors and coordinators, planning committee members, speakers, moderators, and contributors.
The ACCME requires full disclosure for each speaker. The intent of this policy is neither to restrain nor prevent a speaker with a potential conflict of interest from making a presentation, only to openly identify any potential conflict and allow the audience to make an informed determination about the content presented. Those who refuse to disclose will not be allowed to plan or present for a certified activity.
Continuing Medical Education (AMA) Presentation Guidelines

Pre-Presentation Content Review

Speakers will supply CEPD and the course director with their presentation slides and/or materials at a date set at least one week prior to the course date. Course Directors are required to review each speaker's presentation content prior to the presentation of the materials to the participants.


Compliance standards require that certified activities "measure the effectiveness of each activity in meeting the identified educational need in terms of satisfaction, knowledge, or skills." A variety of evaluation methods can be used to comply with certification standards. CEPD can advise course directors on various evaluation methods.
For Certify-Only Courses: Learners will be required to answer the CEPD’s evaluation form within our credit portal, prior to claiming credit.

Samples of these forms are available upon request.

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