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COM Students Celebrate Match Day with Smokey

educationOn March 15, a group of 12 University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine fourth-year medical students celebrated a nationwide event known as Match Day in Knoxville. The students, joined by the UT Knoxville mascot “Smokey”, ran from the south end zone of Neyland Stadium to the 50-yard line to receive their Match Day letters. Issued by the National Residency Matching Program, Match Day letters reveal the specialty programs and locations where students will begin their internship and residency training after graduation from medical school. Residency programs begin July 1.

The medical students at the Match Day celebration were:

Caroline Fu (pediatrics residency, Medical College of Georgia)
Wade Gilman (surgery preliminary year, Spartanburg Regional Health in South Carolina)
Brandon Hays (obstetrics and gynecology residency, UTGSM)
Amit Jethanandani (preliminary year and radiation oncology residency, UTHSC)
Kristen Lilly (obstetrics and gynecology residency, UTGSM)
Prashant Mishra (internal medicine residency, UTHSC)
Keith Polston (preliminary year in internal medicine and physical medicine and rehabilitation residency, University of Kansas School of Medicine)
Maruf Sarwar (internal medicine residency, St. Thomas Health)
Forrest Sturgill (neurology residency, Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education in Minnesota)
Cody Thornburgh (preliminary year in internal medicine, UTHSC and radiology residency, University Hospitals in Missouri)
Vincent Vetrano (traditional year residency, Grand Strand Regional Medical Center in South Carolina and radiology residency, Ohio State University Medical Center)
Jennifer Wu (anesthesiology residency, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School)

See more Match Day photos on Flickr and video of students “running for their letters” on YouTube.


Pictured: UTHSC College of Medicine students celebrate Match Day at Neyland Stadium with "Smokey", the UT Knoxville mascot.

Posted March 28, 2019


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