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The Urology Residency Program

Urology faculty at the University of Tennessee, Graduate School of Medicine, are accomplished, practicing physicians who use a patient-centered approach to improve health. By participating in medical research and engaging with students and colleagues on a regular basis, Department of Urology faculty apply research breakthroughs and the latest clinical trials to patient care. Patients travel from all over East Tennessee to Knoxville to benefit from the advanced care provided by faculty to treat testicular cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, stone disease and more.

Wesley M. White, MD
Associate Professor
John M. Lacy, MD
Assistant Professor
Residency Program Director
Jonathan Angelle, MD
James M. Bienvenu, MD
Assistant Professor
C. Bryce Bowling, MD
Assistant Professor
Paul A. Hatcher, MD
Associate Professor
Rhys W. Irvine, MD
Assistant Professor
Edward D. Kim, MD
Ryan B. Pickens, MD
Assistant Professor
Michael Polin, MD
Assistant professor
D. Preston Smith, MD
Associate Professor

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