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The Department of Radiology

Medical Student Education

Fourth-Year Electives

Course Coordinator: Dr. Anton Allen
Location: University of Tennessee Medical Center (Knoxville)
Max Size: 2 Students

The student electing diagnostic radiology at The University of Tennessee Medical Center will observe radiology staff and residents performing daily radiographic work, advanced cross-sectional and nuclear imaging, fluoroscopic GI-GU procedures, and special procedures.    The student will attend daily teaching rounds and work conferences.   There are opportunities for oral presentations and other academic projects.   The electives main goals are to education the student regarding:   (1) the broad spectrum of diagnostic imaging used in modern patient care, (2) the clinical role radiologist-clinician communication plays in management (and mismanagement) of patients, (3)  the imaging test-of-choice for most clinical problems, (4) radiological radiation, safety and cost issues,  (5) what their patient experiences when they order various radiological procedures and tests,  and (6) some basic viewbox imaging normal and abnormals.

Course Coordinator: Yong Bradley, M.D
Location: University of Tennessee Medical Center (Knoxville)
Maximum Class Size: 1 Student

The goal of this rotation is to provide an opportunity for medical students to understand the role of nuclear medicine in clinical practice. This rotation will help the student to get acquainted with:  (1) common diagnostic nuclear medicine procedures, (2) use of radiotracers in imaging, (3) indications for diagnostic nuclear medicine studies, (4) PET-CT imaging, (5) image fusion, and (6) therapy using radiopharmaceuticals. 

The student is required to be present at the daily reading sessions, attend scheduled lectures and conferences, in addition to observing nuclear medicine imaging procedures.  Verbal assessment will be made of the understanding of the materials reviewed. A written feedback about the rotation is expected.



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