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Dr. Andrew Dake Places Second in Narrative Writing Contest

Second-year Internal Medicine Resident Andrew Dake, MD, placed second in the American College of Physicians, Tennessee Chapter 2012 Narrative Medicine Writing Competition. The theme for the competition was to write about a time when the writer or a loved one was rendered vulnerable by disease or circumstances and relate how that experience shaped the physician's approach to patients who need guidance with their chronic or catastrophic illnesses.

Dr. Dake said "Still Kickin'" was inspired by a patient he cared for during his three-month inpatient medicine rotations. He said the patient had a mysterious progressive neurological disease.

"The piece is about how humbling medicine can be, how we can't always help people, how it affected me as a new healthcare provider, and how important a positive attitude is in life despite the terrible things that can happen," Dr. Dake said.

The piece was originally written as a case report entry; however, with encouragement from Medicine's Mark Rasnake, MD, Assistant Professor, Residency Program Director, and Daphne Norwood, MD, Assistant Professor, Associate Program Director, Dr. Dake wrote the narrative medicine piece for the statewide contest. Dr. Dake said he hopes to continue writing and is scheduled to participate in the Narrative Medicine rotation with Ronald Lands, MD, Associate Professor, in June.

March 5, 2013



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