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Ways to Give

Supporting the University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine (UTGSM) helps ensure quality healthcare, education, research and community outreach are always available. Through giving to the institution, you build your own legacy while supporting our legacy of spirit of exploration, passion for teaching and compassion that restores.

The UTGSM offers giving opportunities to match your passions. To mirror what drives you. To support what you believe is important. These programs include capital campaigns, Dean's fund and academic endowments.

Academic Endowments

The UTGSM is committed to attracting talented faculty, residents, fellows and researchers through providing a challenging and inspirational learning environment and supporting innovative research opportunities. Academic endowments, such as endowed chairs and endowed fellowships, are one way to ensure ongoing development of academics and continuous resources strictly dedicated to academic advancement and study.

Academic Endowment: Endowed Chairs

Giving to an endowed chair program provides consistent research funding for outstanding educators, clinicians and scientists. Endowed chairs are vital to academic medicine and are a hallmark of a great university. An endowed chair in each department of the UTGSM will ensure a solid foundation to initiate and expand far-reaching clinical, research and educational programs.

Academic Endowment: Endowed Fellowships

The UTGSM also is dedicated to expanding advanced training opportunities for physicians through creating endowed academic fellowships. Fellowships provide advanced study in medical sub-specialties and help secure medical specialists for our region. The UTGSM currently has nine fellowship programs, each representing a field of medicine in high demand in the nation and in East Tennessee:

Dean's Fund

Unrestricted gifts from individuals, foundations and corporations have a tremendous and direct impact on UT Graduate School of Medicine programs. This support enables the institution to fund important smaller projects and react to opportunities that become evident throughout the year.

Some examples of projects supported by the Dean's Fund include:

Gifts to the UT Graduate School of Medicine Dean's Fund can be made on a yearly basis and through Major Gift and Planned Gift programs.

Capital Campaigns

A capital campaign is an organized effort led by a group of dedicated and well trained volunteer leaders who seek adequate, thoughtful and proportionate investment from an informed public. The UT Graduate School of Medicine has embarked on three capital campaigns:

Financial Support

Financial support of any of these giving opportunities helps ensure the future of the important programs of the UTGSM and the method of giving can match your preferences. Cash contributions may be made in a lump sum or pledges over a period of three to five years. A gift of securities may offer an enhanced tax advantage while providing significant support to the UTGSM. Planned or deferred gifts, such as charitable trusts, life insurance gifts, gift annuities and bequests, are increasingly popular forms of giving. These gifts may provide you with tax advantages and income. Real estate may be donated after review by the UTGSM Development Office. A gift of residential or commercial property may provide you and your heirs with a beneficial tax advantage. Other assets, such as tangible personal property, may be given under certain conditions. To discuss your support of the legacy of the UTGSM, contact us.


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