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Academy of Scholars Awards Outstanding Resident Achievement

The Academy of Scholars (AOS) has developed an award to recognize Outstanding Scholarly Achievement among residents. The inaugural awardees are Austin Bourgeois, MD, Radiology Resident, and Chandler Long, MD, Surgery Resident. To determine awardees, AOS board members created a point system used to score research efforts including grants, publications, presentations, and IRB-approved ongoing projects; teaching achievements including teaching awards, presentations at educational conferences, invited lectures and teaching or administrative chief residents; patient care feedback including annual resident exams and The University of Tennessee Medical Center Guardian Angel program; and service through professionalism, service to charities and appointments on committees.

Dr. Bourgeois exemplified nearly all of the criteria including 4 grants, 9 publications, 15 presentations and 5 research awards. He also acted as Chief resident and taught at more than 16 conferences. He scored well on the In-Training exam, and he participated on one national committee and four local committees.

Dr. Long also strongly exemplified outstanding achievement including a grant, two publications, and several presentations. He performed consistently in the department, including his discussion in Grand Rounds and as a Chief resident. Other residents and students have recognized him as a teaching force. Dr. Long has been recognized as a patient advocate, and he has been involved in many local charities including serving Thanksgiving dinner annually at the Love Kitchen.

Posted November 14, 2014


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