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MITRP Hosts Workshop as Test Site for Siemens

The University of Tennessee Medical Center, in collaboration with the Molecular Imaging and Translational Research Program, officially became a customer-use test site for Siemens Medical Solutions with the installation of Siemens newest version of software currently under development. This new software includes a number of new features being tested for the first time by the University of Tennessee. Only one other site in the world is being used to test this new software. As part of this work, MITRP held a Siemens workshop in April. This workshop included prominent institutions from around the world, including the US, Germany and Japan. The MITRP faculty and staff provided a first look and initial training for medical staff from the luminary sites on some of the latest features implemented in that software.

"Being in a position to have the latest software packages enables the University of Tennessee to stay at the forefront of imaging technology," said Dustin Osborne, PhD, Assistant Professor, MITRP. "Having Siemens invite us to host an international workshop further validates our team's commitment to developing and growing our collaborative research efforts."

September 6, 2013



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