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Resident Research Year

Program Description

One resident is selected by the Resident Research Committee at the end of the first year for participation in this highly competitive program in which selection is made on the basis of project plans submitted by the first year residents. The resident will spend one year after completion of the second residency year in a rigorous clinical or fundamental research program in the area of the resident's interest. The resident will plan to re-enter the clinical program at the third year level. The research must be carried out in a research laboratory approved by the department.

Current Research

Current research interests include vascular biology and cardiovascular physiology, platelet physiology, nutrition, bioterrorism, non-linear dynamic modeling, trauma, and transplantation immunology. In addition to research projects within the various divisions of the Department of Surgery, collaborative investigators in the Departments of Medical Genetics, Anesthesiology, Pathology, Medicine, Radiology and the UT College of Veterinary Medicine offer an extensive assortment of projects including immunology, hematology, cell physiology, medical genetics, tumor biology, molecular biology and cytometry.


Current Research Resident

Amy Howk, MD, PGY- 3



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