Breast Cancer Nomograms: Prediction for a Low-risk and a High-risk Oncotype DX Recurrence Score

This nomogram can be used to help clinicians and patients evaluate the probability that a patient's breast cancer has a low-risk or a high-risk Oncotype DX recurrence score. The nomogram uses readily available clinical surrogates to predict a recurrence score otherwise obtained by pathology analysis.

Four scores can be calculated using TAILORx clinical trial cut-off recurrence score test values (high-risk: 26-100; low-risk: 0-10) and Oncotype DX commercial cut-off test values (high risk: 31-100; low-risk: 0-17). This nomogram is applicable for female patients who have estrogen receptor positive, HER2 negative, lymph node negative breast cancer with a tumor size between 6 and 50 mm. Applicable age range is 20-90 for calculating Oncotype DX with commercial cut-off test values and 21-90 for calculating Oncotype DX with TAILORx clinical trial cut-off recurrence score test values.


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