Breast Cancer Nomograms: Prediction for a Low-risk and a High-risk Oncotype DX Recurrence Score

The updated nomogram/calculator is available on-line at

  • The nomogram/calculator was updated based on the TAILORx clinical trial results:
    Oncotype DX recurrence score 0-25 is classified as a low-risk score
    Oncotype DX recurrence score 26-100 is classified as a high-risk score.
  • The updated nomogram/calculator was developed and validated from 84,339 patients’ data (National Cancer Data Base).
  • When the nomogram/calculator calculated probability is within 85% to 100% range, the nomogram/calculator correctly assigns 92.7% of cases to the Oncotype DX low-risk or high-risk score (see Table 2 and Table 3 in the supporting publication).


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