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Anesthesiology Resident Completes Politics Rotation

Anesthesiology Resident Patrick McFarland, MD, completed a one-month Policy Research Rotation in Political Affairs in Washington DC through the American Society of Anesthesiologists. The selection process was very competitive and the awardee was selected by the ASA Committee on Governmental Affairs. During the rotation, Dr. McFarland learned about the political, legislative, and regulatory factors that affect the delivery of patient care with supervision from the ASA's Director of Congressional Affairs.

Regarding the experience and what he learned, Dr. McFarland said, "Given our specialized education and training, it is our duty as physicians to advocate on behalf of our patients to ensure legislators are well-informed of current healthcare issues and how to best deliver safe and high-quality patient care. Physician advocacy begins at the bedside, yet can have influence at the community, state, and federal level."

In light of the national opioid epidemic and the work being done at The University of Tennessee Medical Center to study it, understand it and address it, Dr. McFarland found himself heavily involved in researching opioid legislation and discussing it with several members of Congress from Tennessee and beyond. Members of Congress he met include:

Posted July 31, 2018



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