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Martha Earl, MSLS, AHIP
Associate Professor
Library Director
Direct Line: 865-305-6616
Kelsey GrabeelKelsey Grabeel, MSIS, AHIP
Associate Professor
Assistant Director of the Health Information Center
Direct Line: 865-305-5707
J. Michael Lindsay, MSIS, AHIP
Associate Professor
Head of Collections and Access Services
Direct Line: 865-305-9528
Sandy Oelschlegel, MLIS, AHIP
Adjunct Associate Professor

David Petersen, MSLIS, MA, AHIP
Assistant Professor
Research & Learning Services Librarian
Direct Line: 865-305-6615


Rachel Roberts
Administrative Coordinator
Direct Line: 865-305-8777

Jennifer Luhrs
Library Supervisor
Direct Line: 865-305-7340

Abagail Pujol
Administrative Assistant
Direct Line: 865-305-4597

Cameron Watson
Library Associate
Direct Line: 865-305-8148

Laura Wolfe
Senior Library Associate
Direct Line: 865-305-6557


Maria Chavez
Library Student Assistant

Catalina Gonzalez
Library Student Assistant

Jason Phillips
Library Student Assistant

Liliane Nguyen
Library Student Assistant


Courtney Wombles
Library Student Assistant


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