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Forensic dentistry is an integral part of the forensic science in answering medico-legal questions involving the dentition and maxillofacial structures. The University of Tennessee, Graduate School of Medicine Fellowship in Forensic Dentistry is a sixteen (16) month program beginning in January of each year providing extensive classroom and morgue-based "hands-on" exposure and training in all aspects of forensic dentistry. All applicants for this Fellowship must have a DDS, DMD or equivalent degree.

The Forensic Dentistry Fellowship instruction includes studies and hands-on experience in the areas of forensic dental identification; disaster victim identification; forensic dental age assessment; human abuse recognition; bitemark recognition, analysis and comparison; jurisprudence; report writing; and, an introduction to forensic anthropology, crime scene dynamics and clandestine grave recovery.

Completion of this program will provide the dentist an opportunity to pursue forensic dentistry careers assisting their local communities, jurisdictions and forensic laboratories. Additionally, it is specifically designed to assist those individuals interested seeking the education, training and experience required to apply for certification in the American Board of Forensic Odontology (ABFO).

Forensic Dentistry Learning Objectives

The educational objectives for the Forensic Odontology Fellowship are:


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