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The Institutional Review Board

Fee Schedule

Payment of IRB fees is regarded as a contractual responsibility of the sponsor. The fees are assessments of actual cost associated with protocol review by the IRB and are charged for services rendered. Because the IRB commits its full resources to each review, the fees are due and payable in full by the sponsor upon receipt of the invoice, even if the IRB does not approve the study, subjects are never enrolled, or the study is terminated before objectives are reached. Approval will not be released until payment of IRB invoice is received.

Review Charges for Trials Supported by Pharmaceutical Firms and Other For-Profit Entities

IRB Review Category Fees for studies submitted after 7/1/2009
Full Board Review* $2,400
Expedited Review* $1,200
Exempt Status* $500
Annual Reviews $500
Major Changes (Full Board Review) $500
Minor Changes (Expedited Review) No charge
Recruitment Materials No charge
Adverse Events No charge
*Appropriateness of review category determined by the IRB office.

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